Enhancing Your Business

Are you frustrated with lack-luster service from your current vending operator? Or, maybe you are looking to upgrade your vending equipment. The Independent Vendors Association will connect you with a local vending operator to explore vending machine types, discover location qualifications and so much more.

Vending Equipment Types

Every location is different and has different vending needs. Take a look at the different types of vending equipment offered and find out which one is best for your location.

Snack Vending Machines can be filled with today’s most popular snack options from savory to sweet including chips, pastries, candy and healthy snack options.

Drink Vending Machines are a must with today’s busy lifestyles. They are the first thing people turn to when they are trying to keep a schedule but do not have time to stop somewhere to find the drink they need. Drink vending machines are perfect for areas where people are looking for a quick pick me up.

Coffee Vending Machines are a perfect addition to any business wanting hot beverage choices for their employees. Get coffee shop quality with the push of a button with a coffee vending machine.

Frozen Vending Machines offer a large selection of sandwiches, microwavable meals, dairy products and ice cream to satisfy customers who don’t have time to go anywhere for lunch but need a full meal offer.

Combo Vending Machines is your one-stop shop for all of your employees’ favorite snacks and drinks. They are built with two separate temperature areas that ensure optimal temperature, so your drink selections are kept icy cold, while your snacks remain at a normal temperature.

Placing Vending Equipment

The reality is, not all locations are good locations for vending machines. When vending operators are looking for a new location, they ensure that
If your location falls into one of these categories, the Independent Vendors Association wants to find a local operator to install, stock and maintain a vending machine at absolutely no cost to you! If you do not qualify, IVA has other options, such as renting or purchasing vending equipment, to help you place a machine at your location.