Micro-markets offer a full-service solution that adds the convenience of offering fresh food, snacks and beverages for your employees on-site. In fact, many companies have found micro-markets to be the perfect alternative to a full-service cafeteria.

Micro-Markets give your employees what they want, which is healthy, convenient and efficient food options and customizable selections. Micro-markets allow customers to access nutritional information prior to purchasing a product, whereas vending machines only allow customers to view nutritional information after purchasing a product. Additionally, they keep employees on-site for meals, cutting down on tardiness and improving productivity.

Some offerings may include:

One of the best features that micro-markets offer is a contactless payment solution. This allows your employees to purchase products via a credit/debit card or a mobile payment, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. For the vendor, offering a contactless payment option has been known to increase same-machine sales.

Similar to vending machines, micro-markets can be customizable, based on your location. Aside from adding a custom graphic wrap that coincides with your business or your location, you can provide healthy options to coincide with the corporate wellness goals that your location provides. Additionally, each product can be customized to your location. If you have multiple micro-market locations, you can provide products based on where that micro-market is located.